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Euthanasia: we can live without it

The New England Journal of Medicine May, 2007

Comment: This is the study on the 2005 statistics from the Netherlands noting that 20% of all euthanasia deaths were not reported. Also noted the increase in death by ‘continuous deep sedation’.

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Journal of Clinical Oncology Sep 20, 2005

Comment: Concerns the link between depression and euthanasia. The author hypothesised that there was no connection. Conclusion that people with signs of depression or a sense of hopelessness were 4.1 times more likely to request euthanasia.

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"the legalisation of voluntary euthanasia would pose a serious threat to the more vulnerable members of society and that the obligation of the state to protect all its members equally outweighs the individual’s freedom to choose voluntary euthanasia."

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The New England Journal of Medicine Mar, 2005

Comment: Explains how the Groningen protocol operates.

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