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Euthanasia: we can live without it


  • "If you want to know why euthanasia is dangerous for disability rights check out this comment on an article on welfare reform on ABC online today" 

  • A Gold Coast man is expected to face court on Saturday charged with murdering his father for his pension money.
  • With the London Olympics coming to a close and the questions about Australia’s overall lack of performance against high expectations, two South Australian MPs look certain to make sure that at least one Australian state holds a world record.

  • In a surprise move, the euthanasia bill proposed by backbencher, Steph Key MP passed through the SA lower house ‘on the voices’ today.  We need to act quickly and decisively to put a stop to this latest threat.

  • SA voters will go to the polls on March 15th to elect a government for the next four years.
  • South Australian pro-euthanasia MP Bob Such has openly admitted to today that his latest euthanasia bill “almost realistically won’t pass.”
  • Only 24 hours before the Parnell Bill is set for debate in the SA Upper House, John Hill casts doubts upon effectiveness of Parnell Bill.

  • Leesa-Vlahos-144x150
    ADELAIDE, Australia, May 23, 2014 ( - As the South Australian Parliament resumed sitting following the March election, Labor MP and Member for the Taylor electorate in Adelaide’s north, Leesa Vlahos MP, has raised a motion in the House of Assembly condemning the practice of child euthanasia and affirming palliative care and suicide prevention.
  • Four South Australian MPs have taken the unusual step of co-signing a letter today to all their colleagues concerning The Hon Bob Such's Ending Life with Dignity Bill.
  • People with Disability Australia (PWDA) has called for a coordinated national effort to stamp out violence, abuse and neglect of people with disability and improve access to the justice system.
  • The Hon Nick Goiran MLC, member of the Western Australian Parliament, tabled and spoke to a motion calling for more to be done to stop the growing problem of Elder Abuse last Thursday the 19th of September.
  • The independent member for the state seat of Fisher, Bob Such MP is full of surprises. Having been around the parliament for quite a while, including a stint as Speaker of the House, he knows all the tricks there are.
  • If this fear of being a burden is strong enough to sell insurance plans isn't it also likely that it may subtly create its own spiral of fear in our elders?

  • Can we stop these macabre practices? I don’t really know. What I do know is that serious attempts to do so along with a clear, public declaration against such practices, will save lives.

  • It’s a funny sort of love our doctors have in Belgium, Mr Denton.

  • Debate begins today in the Tasmanian Parliament on the bill proposed by Premier Lara Giddings MP and her colleague, Nick McKim MP. More than two years in the making, this is a decisive day for all Tasmanians.

  • In 2012, at the tenth anniversary of the Dutch euthanasia laws, Eric van Wijlick, policy maker at the Royal Dutch Society of Doctors (KNMG) lamented that, “Euthanasia has become the central point of conversation between a doctor and a patient who is suffering when it should be seen as a "last resort"
  • “We all agree it is a matter of life and death and if we cannot strip away the euphemistic language and discuss the reality of the matter then it will not be an honest debate and the public interest would not be served."

  • MEDIA RELEASE Tasmanian Euthanasia Bill:A recipe for abuse!

    Paul Russell, Director of HOPE: preventing euthanasia & assisted suicide calls upon the Tasmanian Parliament to reject the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2013 due to be debated soon in the Tasmanian House of Assembly.
    “Despite assurances to the contrary, this bill is a recipe for abuse that would effectively abandon the support and protection of vulnerable Tasmanians in some circumstances,” said Mr Russell.
    This risk of abuse is in the DNA of all euthanasia & assisted suicide legislation, he said. “The designers of this bill have genetically modified euthanasia and assisted suicide to the point where these terms are not even mentioned[1]; but the reality remains that no legislation can provide the kind of protection from abuse that a just and equitable society demands.”
    The modern-day phenomenon that is Elder Abuse should provide a warning. “Tasmania has a significant and growing problem with the abuse of elderly citizens by relatives and carers – usually for financial gain. The cold reality that such abuse and coercion is difficult to detect should tell us that this legislation is a recipe for the ultimate in Elder Abuse.”
    The Tasmanian Bill is framed in similar terms to the Belgian Act. “The recent Belgian euthanasia death of the person who experienced a botched sex-change operation and that, earlier this year, of the twins who were going blind could technically be possible under the Tasmanian bill. “The outrage at these incidents even on the part of sections of the Belgian media and medical profession and even though these deaths were within the law should tell us that, even though legislators and the public might think of euthanasia only in terms of the ‘last days’ of a terminal illness, the practice and interpretation of the law is a genie that can’t be put back in the bottle.”
    HOPE: preventing euthanasia & assisted suicide Inc. is a national network of people and organisations who work to oppose euthanasia & assisted suicide legislation.
    HOPE is a founding member of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition International based in Canada. Paul Russell is vice chair of the international body.
    ENDS For further comment contact: Paul Russell Executive Director, HOPE                               

    [1] The bill does mention assisted suicide but only to direct that the bill is not to use that term.
  • US Bioethicist, Lawyer and commentator, Wesley Smith, comments on the Tasmanian Bill: